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Managers Words

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Speaking after our game against Lossiemouth, Paul Lawson said "Teams come to North Lodge and they occasionally set up a certain way to try and frustrate us so they can have something to hang on to and when you are in that situation you find the energy from somewhere and our fitness showed in the end".

He continued "i must give credit to Lossiemouth who had a good shape about them and had the confidence to try and break us down. I think we could have been a bit more ruthless in the final third which was a little disappointing and we never upped the tempo but the positives are it’s a clean sheet, we won the game and it’s three points".

He concluded with "getting through the game unscathed without any injuries is also good, maybe subconsciously it goes into players minds going into a game, knowing you have a cup final the following week, then maybe you actually don’t go that extra yard, it's possible".

On the cup final itself he admits it will be a hard game "Yeah it will be tough but i said before that we have proved this season that Cove can be beaten so if we can stick to our gameplan we will hope to bring another peice of silverware back to North Lodge on Saturday".