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Managers' Midweek Words

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

It was a very disappointing afternoon on Saturday against East Kilbride.  I don’t think we started the game well, the middle wasn’t great and the finish wasn’t great either and i don’t think there was one positive to come out of the game. East Kilbride got a lift when they got the opener, we hadn’t played well, but we came in at half time one down and you think with forty five minutes left you can have a go. We then lose the second goal right at the start of the half and when you’re up 2-0 the game becomes easier and you find that extra yard of space and pace and you close things down more effectively.  In general we weren’t playing well and you could see that in terms of player confidence. While we’re pushing to get back into the game after Parky and Gary McGowan came on and gave us a little bit of a spark we conceded a further two goals from counter attacks.  Again it goes back to having that quality in the final third which I don’t think we had. 

Ultimately all over the park we let ourselves down and that includes ourselves as a coaching team.  We’re a group and we’re as much to blame as anyone. We know we’re never going to win the Scottish Cup but the enjoyment from the competition is the finances that it can bring into the club with the aim to bring a Premiership team to North Lodge because the club haven’t had a tie like that.  There are a lot of people at the club that put a lot of effort in behind the scenes and we let them down on Saturday.